Top home security mistakes

It’s often after a break-in people become aware of where they went wrong with keeping their home safe; which is always too late.

Here are three common mistakes I see people make with their security, to help you avoid becoming a statistic.

Keep things out of sight

Last year I went to a break-in in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne , and as with all break-ins I arrived to see the owners very distressed.

After inspecting the entry point of the break in and damage to their property it became apparent that a window on the side of the house had been smashed, the owners didn’t have an alarm installed which would have helped by either warning them before entering or limiting the time that the burglars stayed inside the property. The one thing they did do was to have the correct dead lockable doors and windows which were all locked.

After talking with the owners about what had been stolen I realised that they had made a very common mistake.

Here’s what was stolen: jewelry, cash, iPhones, iPad, laptops and the spare keys to the car.

All of these items were all just sitting out and about in clear view.

The owners hadn’t thought to hide these smaller items that are an invitation for thieves.

It’s a must to remember to make all these items invisible as best you can. A great way of doing this is to purchase a home security safe which is correctly installed so that you can lock away these items securely when you are not home.

Sadly if these home owners had of done this, they would not had these items stolen and not be facing the upsetting prospect of losing images, contacts, memories and more.

Make sure your tech is working

Two weeks ago I went to a commercial break-in which had the front door smashed in was called to repair the locks that had been damaged.

Looking at the outside of the premises I saw that they had an alarm and CCTV installed – an important security measure.

After talking to the owners about what was stolen I asked, “Did the alarm go off and did you get some visions from the CCTV”?

A pause, then they answered, “Yes the alarm went off and the police were contacted immediately… but when we went to get the footage from the CCTV we found out it wasn’t taping”.

This is a common mistake with either alarms or CCTV – assuming they’re doing their job when they’re not.

Make sure your security products are serviced and checked regularly. I see a lot of people who don’t set their alarms or make sure there CCTV.

Leaving keys accessible

Dead lockable doors and windows are a must and most insurance companies require these now to ensure that you  get full insurance cover on your home. Why they want these installed is to minimise or make it harder to get in and out of the premises with your belongings.

A common mistake I see is people getting their locks, then leaving their keys visible and accessible – sometimes in the back of their deadlocks, and especially in windows locks.

Make sure when you leave your home you don’t leave keys in any locks or in a bowl on your kitchen table. Someone will take advantage and before you know it, you’ve been had.




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