Tips to reduce stress this holiday season after a difficult year
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As the holiday season approaches, it can seem to be another load of stress and worry, on top of a difficult year with lengthy lockdowns due to the pandemic.

Staying calm, remembering to take a break and enjoy yourself can be difficult when there is a lot to organize and many are left feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and depressed.

And as we are soon to enter our third year of living through a global pandemic, how do we look ahead, when we fear there is more of the same unsettling times ahead.

Here are some tips to look after your wellbeing over this time.

Work out your priorities and keep a list

Prioritise tasks by identifying which are “must-do” tasks and which are “would like to do” tasks and tick them off when they’re done. Make the tasks possible; don’t place unrealistic expectations on yourself. Remember to prioritise your own physical and mental health as well.

Reflect on what you’ve done well

Look back at this year and look at what you have done well. Pause and reflect on the time and effort it took for you to achieve this. Is there more you would like to achieve next year or things you would like to change? Focus on what is within your control and not what you cannot change.

Think before you commit yourself to other people’s expectations

We can often perform tasks merely to feel accepted by other people; there is no better example of this than the holiday period when we try to squeeze everything into our diaries. Practice saying ‘no’ to requests that are unreasonable or more than you can handle at the time, rather than suffer subsequent regrets and stress.

Focus on what you enjoy

Spending time with family and loved ones is important and a wonderful time to spend the holiday season, but do not forget to also spend time doing things you enjoy yourself as your hobbies may not be shared with your family. Reading, swimming, meditation or dance can be really beneficial to your wellbeing, help you destress and have a sense of achievement.

Connect with others

For some of us, the holidays can be isolating, particularly if we are separated from family and friends. Pick up the phone and call someone you care about, organise a video catch up or attend a local community-run event. Remember to check in on others who may be doing it tough and feeling alone at this time as well.

Acknowledge your concerns

The ongoing pandemic has caused many concerns during 2021 and continues to affect people’s health, finances and ability to reconnect with those you love. Talk with someone you trust to develop strategies to manage your concerns while still enjoying what the holiday season has to offer.

Take your time

Don’t let people rush you. Frenzied activities lead to errors, regrets and stress. If you’re feeling rushed, ask people to wait until you finish working or thinking something out. Plan ahead to arrive at appointments early, composed and having made allowances for unexpected hold-ups. Practice approaching situations mindfully.

Identify your stressful situations

Make a list of events or activities that leave you emotionally drained, with one or two ways to reduce the stress for each. Try not to overburden yourself with challenging situations but when they occur, use them as an opportunity to practise stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing and keep notes on what works for next time.

Watch your alcohol intake

It’s easy to get caught up in festive activities, and sometimes a drink or two can feel like a solution to a problem, but it will only help temporarily. Drinking can create more problems in terms of physical and mental health. Consider the effects you are looking for (sedation and stimulation) and whether or not you can achieve them differently.

Be in the moment and have fun!

We can often spend so much time worrying about the past or future that we don’t enjoy what is happening in that moment. Take the time to stop and be aware of your surroundings – what can you see, hear, and smell?

If you do find yourself struggling with your mental wellbeing this holiday season, it might be time to find a good digital mental health app to help.

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