Real estate agents – make them your friend not foe
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Getting your head around what real estate agents actually do is very useful when it comes to building a good rapport with them. Cate Bakos, a Melbourne-based licensed real estate agent and buyers’ advocate, gives us a handy breakdown.

Real estate agents can sometimes get bad rap, and although some of the horror stories out there are no doubt true – with plenty of home-buyers having their fingers burnt and their noses well and truly put out of joint – on the whole most agents are excellent with people and work incredibly hard. Sometimes simply having a better understanding of their role and the status of the campaign can make a huge difference.

For one, not all agents take on the same tasks when a property sells, and they don’t all receive the same remuneration.

Agents: the breakdown

Listing agent: signs up the vendor’s authority to sell

Selling agent: manages the purchaser signing the contract

Handling agent: coordinates the open for inspections, marketing sign-off and vendor feedback. In many cases this is the listing agent.

Sunday agent: a rostered ‘handling agent’ for Sunday (sometimes the listing agent)

Auctioneer: the person with the gavel on auction day

Depending on the size of the agency, sometimes just one agent can handle all of the above.




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