How to use mirrors
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Mirrors can make a room, it’s that simple.

Mirrors can do wonders for a space. They can create illusions, such as making a space appear larger by tricking the eye.

Here are some of my top tips for using them in your rooms.

How to use a mirror


Small rooms: Place a large mirror on the wall, or even mirror a whole wall in a small room. It will make the space appear double in size, or, if mirroring the whole wall, it will make the wall ‘disappear’.

Dining rooms: If you enjoy entertaining and often hold small parties, place mirrors in your entertaining area.  You will instantly double the number of your guests and increase the positive vibes!

Add light: Make a space brighter by strategically placing a mirror in positions that will reflect natural light back in to the room.

Create a view: Place a mirror on the wall opposite a window with a pretty view and voila! Now you have what looks like two windows on either side of the room, also adding a pleasing touch of balance and symmetry.

Use mirrors as art: Mirrors can be purely decorative too of course. Decorate with unique mirrors, using them as art.

Define space: Define a space with mirror.  For example, in a large, plush dressing room/walk in robe, place mirrors at one end to define the dressing area.


Think outside the box

Mirror entire ceilings in very small spaces such as windowless toilets or laundries and watch the space brighten up when the light is turned on. The ceiling will create the illusion of a sky light.

Mirrors can hide challenging problems in your interior. Do you have pillars? Mirror all four sides and the pillar will all but disappear.

Regency: Get that Hollywood look in the home


Mirrors in the garden

Don’t forget that mirrors can be used outdoors also to make a small garden appear larger and brighter. You can also use them to increase the size of a small balcony/patio.




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