How to make the winning offer on a home, according to a real estate agent
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Working out what to offer when hoping to secure a property can be fraught with anxiety. There are many factors that can impact the outcome, but interestingly, not all of them come down to price.

We spoke with Col Bernasconi of McGrath Long Jetty to understand how a buyer can put their best foot forward, whether it’s pre-auction or private treaty.

1. Research to work out your offer price

You need to strike a balance between what the market is dictating, what you think a property is a worth and what you’re willing to pay. And the best way to find out is by doing your research.

“Firstly, a buyer needs to know the market that they’re in and the competition around the property within that market,” says Col.

During the research, he advises buyers to avoid getting hung up on what the property was bought for years prior by the current owners. Instead, focus on you and what the property will provide or add to your life.

“How badly do you want it? Is it an investment? Is it a property that you’ll live in for five to 10 years? Is it in your school zone? Those are the considerations that should be top of mind,” Col explains.

“If you’re looking somewhere with room for growth, you need to know the area history via price growth charts,” he says. “If the property is a coastal property or located somewhere where you’re almost assured it’s going to grow in value, you can be a little more aggressive in your offer.”

Col also recommends paying attention to how many people are at the open home. If a property is very popular, this intel should inform the offer you make.