How to make the first day in your new home easier
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The moving trucks have come and gone. You’re finally in your new home. So, what next?

You’ve probably spent the better part of the past month thinking about, organising and executing your move to a new home.

Once you’re in, it’s OK to let your hair down a little. Some people like to unpack quickly and efficiently, but we recommend allowing yourself to enjoy the new space on that first day.

Here’s how to make it easier — and more fun — for yourself!

Make your bed first

It seems like a silly thing to do when you won’t be going to bed for hours and your grumbling stomach is begging you to unpack the kitchen first.

However, it helps to knock some things over while you have the energy — your drive will dwindle before the day’s end.

Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep where you can just fall into a freshly made, comfy bed.

Prioritise your unpacking

You may have a game plan, but if you don’t, it pays to be methodical about your unpacking process. After the bed is made, think about what else you might need. You’ll want bath towels for a shower, you’ll want your kids to be set up to do homework or go to school – and you won’t need the garage or bookshelf unpacked with any urgency.

It doesn’t always pay to go room-by-room either. Instead, think of priority boxes. For instance, you may want to unpack your kitchen first, but won’t need your Tupperware or your slow cooker before you need a bathmat and soap for a shower. Which reminds us…

Stay stocked with toilet paper

Pop a roll of loo paper in each bathroom at the start of the day. This will ideally be something you’ve thought of before you jump in the moving van, but consider this your reminder in case you’ve forgotten!

Then, think about other basic household supplies you’ll need. For example, consider bin bags, spray and wipe, hand towels and extension cords.

Assign areas for your boxes

Whether packed or unpacked, consider keeping your boxes in designated zones to minimise clutter. You may not get to unpacking everything in one day, so some people prefer to keep their boxes in a garage, spare room, or a lesser-used area of the home.

Meanwhile, you may also want to assign an area for your empty boxes and packaging materials so you’re not tripping over them all day. It will help you keep organised and make life a lot easier until you can get rid of them.

Keep your vacuum handy

A portable stick vacuum can be your best friend on moving day. Just don’t forget to keep it charged throughout the day!

Having your vacuum handy will help you keep on top of dust and debris that gathers during the unpacking process.

Get takeout for your first night (or few)

By the end of that first day, you will be exhausted — and hungry! Don’t put pressure on yourself to cook that night and treat yourself to takeaway instead. Bonus points if you can get it delivered — it’s worth the delivery fee!

Don’t worry if it’s not the most civilised meal of your life. Who cares if you have to drink wine out of mugs and eat off paper towels? Just don’t forget where you’ve put the bottle opener!

Make tonight’s entertainment easier

So you’re winding down for the day, dinner is on its way, you’ve set up your TV, the WiFi is up and running — it’s time to kick back and relax.

The next major question is, ‘what do we watch?’ Avoid spending the remainder of moving day flicking through channels and between streaming apps searching for the right program to tickle your fancy.

Fetch makes this process easier by aggregating content from all the things you love to watch including channels, catch-up, streaming services and more, and delivering it to one home screen via a small set top box.

Whether it’s on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Stan or one of the other services in your rotation, Fetch gathers it all together on one simple menu – so you can find something to watch with an easy spoken search into the voice remote. Pretty nifty!

The best part is that it’s included as an add-on via many leading internet providers, so you can select it when choosing your new internet plan (which you should arrange ahead of your move). Or you can pick up a box from all major retailers.

Still feeling overwhelmed by all of the options? The Fetch blog rounds up the best new content each month across the streaming services — a handy guide to the latest and greatest offerings.




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