How to boost value of your home
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It can be hard to stand out in a busy property market and make a first impression that counts – and invites multiple offers.

But if a full-blown renovation is off the cards, there are some relatively easy and inexpensive ways you can add value and increase buyer demand, according to Brisbane-based interior designer, Keeley Green of Keeley Green Design.

Buyers want to walk into a place that feels like home from the moment they do that first inspection,” Ms Green said.

Keeley Green, interior designer at Keeley Green Interior Designs. Picture: Supplied

“There are plenty of small and inexpensive changes owners can do which will transform their once tired property and make it an attractive proposition for even the most discerning buyer.”

Address obvious wear and tear

Cast a critical eye over your home and make a list of any obvious signs of wear and tear. Repainting the walls in a light, bright colour can immediately transform a space.

“Most buyers are focused on kitchens as they are the real heart of the home,” Ms Green said.

Let there be light

Ms Green said light could be transformative.

“Updating light fittings can be an inexpensive way to give a modern touch to a home,” she said.

“At the very least you should be taking down old light fittings and cleaning them out, remove old dead insects and all the layers of dust which have accumulated there.

“Consider replacing low hanging lights with modern downlighting or adding a sleek feature light in a living area.”

Window treatments which allow more light into a room can also make a room immediately feel more inviting and spacious and contemporary, she said.

Consider layering hard window treatments like plantation shutters with soft curtains. It can add a genuine design element to a room without breaking the bank.

Create a Zoom Room

With so many people now working from home, a home office is a big-ticket item for many buyers.

“Look around your home and see if there is an opportunity to set up an area as a home office, whether it is a spare bedroom, or a study nook,” Ms Green said.

“Make sure it is clutter free so that buyers can picture themselves sitting there and working from home.

“Add a warm tone lamp for a bit of extra lighting and don’t forget the greenery.”

A home office by Porter Davis Homes

Freshen up the furnishings

Obviously, the furniture isn’t going to be sold with the property, but old furniture will make a room feel old, Ms Green warned.

“Remove outdated, worn and damaged furniture and replace it with some short-term hire pieces,” she said.

“It is important to select pieces that make an impact and show a buyer the versatility of a space without dominating the entire room.”

Style, style, style

“If you’ve watched any lifestyle program in the past five years, you’ll know that a beautifully styled home will sell faster, often for a higher price,” Ms Green said.

“It’s essential that you clear out your clutter, add some beautiful cushions and soft throw rugs. Buy new bed linen and add a bit of greenery.

“These are all inexpensive ways to bring a room to life and add a homely, personal touch.”