Gold Coast’s Best Restaurants
goldcoast best restaurants

As you explore, you’ll come to realise that the Gold Coast is really more of a collection of individual communities. The range of micro-communities stretching across the area makes for an extremely diverse lifestyle, from plenty of individual businesses and community hubs. Living among this bustle creates a weekly life far from the bland. You can find great restaurants and take-out all over the Gold Coast that cover almost all of the cuisines of the world. You’ll never be stuck for choice. The Gold Coast features a number of small business hubs developed centrally to suburb areas, ensuring small businesses see the customers they need to continue business. This small business security is clear in the area as many companies can succeed, instead of constantly turning over. If you’re looking for places worth visiting for a night of great food with your partner or friends, some of our favourites include the Pacific Fair EateryTedder Avenue, the Maudsland Road community hub including The Coomera Lodge HotelCoomera Westfield Eatery, and the Gallery Walk of Mount Tambourine. These are some just to get you started, being some of the more well-known/common spots to eat you will generally find them to be busy.

A Family Friendly Place to Live.


A great benefit of living on the Gold Coast so close to Brisbane? Superb transportation links on the efficient and extremely convenient Airtrain. It connects the Gold Coast to its metropolitan neighbour in less than an hour, which means that in many ways you can kind of think of the Gold Coast as essentially a suburb of Brisbane – and there are far, far worse commutes in the world than the train from the coast to Brisbane!

Once you visit the Gold Coast, you will find that it is surprisingly accessible. You really can explore great swathes of it on two wheels, whilst breathing in crisp clear air and stopping every now and then to sample a cool bar or great restaurant. With the arrival of the G-Link, the light-rail for the Gold Coast, you can now easily connect from Helensvale station all the way through to Broadbeach, passing the Gold Coast University Hospital, Southport, Surfers Paradise, etc.

Since the arrival of the Commonwealth Games to the Gold Coast in 2018, the public transport system has been completely overhauled and modernized. Now highly connected, buses are frequently on time or early and extend the reach of the now very useful rail system. If you were to live on the eastern side of the highway in 2021 on the Gold Coast, you could easily travel where you need conveniently only using public transport.

Being the last city before the New South Wales border, the Gold Coast has seen major highway upgrades over the last 10 years, now holding 4 lanes of traffic across most of the Gold Coast stretch. As well as major upgrades to all of the exits over this time too. Now that these upgrades are complete traffic flow in even during peak conditions is well-handled and ready to handle further expected increases over the coming years. If you were to need to travel into NSW from the Gold Coast, with the massive upgrades to the highway between the Gold Coast and Coffs Harbour, you can now reach the central coast of NSW in under 3.5 hours. Further upgrades are still to come as the gap between Brisbane and Sydney is closed, the Gold Coast will be heavily rewarded too. It is easy to see that as the highway between the Brisbane and Sydney meets the standards of the Hume Highway connecting Melbourne and Sydney, Queensland will see even further increases in population and property demand. This constant demand is one of the main reasons for higher property price rises on the Gold Coast property market, more than anywhere else in Australia by far.




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