9 Of The Best Diet-Ditching Desserts On The Coast
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Sometimes you just need to treat yourself, like really treat yourself. Fortunately, the Gold Coast is packed with eateries that are only too happy to help you out. Be it smothered in Nutella, oozing with caramel sauce or a whole buffet of sugary stuff, here are the best sweet treats to try on the Gold Coast.

Ze Pickle | Oreogazm


The three legendary local lads from Burleigh’s fave burger joint, Ze Pickle have already got us covered when it comes to drool-worthy burgers. What you might not know though (because you’re always too full), is that there’s one particularly special dessert on their menu. Everyone is pretty fond of Oreos, right? Okay, how about deep frying them in doughnut batter and serving with toffee caramel ice cream and liquid Nutella. This is definitely one dessert worth saving room for.

Oh My Waffle | Banana Bounty Hunter


Is there anything better than warm, crispy yet soft, freshly made waffles? And if you’re going to be naughty then you’re going to want to chow down on the best and that is served up on the daily by the Oh My Waffle crew. Grab the Banana Bounty Hunter, a golden waffle topped with chopped banana, drizzled with Whitaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate, Bounty bar, ice cream, whipped cream & dusted with coconut.

Gemelli | Nutella Bomba


Chocolate-lovers made a beeline for Gemelli. One dish particularly close to our hearts there is the delectable Nutella Bomba. Think: melt-in-your-mouth, deep-fried Sicilian pastry, equal parts soft and crispy, and filled with oozing Nutella. It’s probably big enough to share, but you definitely will not want to.

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Longboards | Oreo Brownie Stack

Surfer’s Paradise 

Sprawled around the gorgeous pool, at the foot of the towering Q1 Hotel, Longboards is a firm favourite when it comes to burgers on the Gold Coast. Unsurprisingly, this team knows delish desserts as well as burgers. Case in point, the Oreo Brownie Stack: Oreo and peanut butter brownie cakes, caramel fudge sauce, Movenpick caramel fudge ice cream and Oreo wafer biscuits. Any dessert described as a “stack” gets our tick of approval.

Betty’s Burgers | Concrete

Surfer’s Pardise

Once you’ve polished off your tasty Betty’s burger/fries/beer, you best start contemplating the contents of your Concrete. Enter Betty’s signature frozen custard ice cream, blended with your choice of incredible mix-ins. You can choose between Betty’s tried and true combos like the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake Concrete—vanilla custard, lemon curd, lemon zest, raspberries and New York cheesecake, ginger crumble. Or, if you think you’ve got what it takes, design your own with mix-ins such as cookie dough, Nutella, peanut butter cups, marshmellow sauce and glazed doughnuts on offer.

Jimmy Wah’s | Fried Bao


While Jimmy Wah’s is known for its excellent modern Vietnamese cuisine and oh so delicious cocktails, they also do a cracking desert. One that is absolutely worth a cheat day. Next time you’re there for lunch or dinner be sure to save some room for their fried bao. Sink your teeth into warm bao with the perfect crispy batter, cinnamon sugar, perilla, salted caramel and peanut ice-cream. Yep, it’s as tasty as it sounds.

Paddock Bakery | Coco Pops Milkshake 


If we’re honest, pretty much everything on offer at Paddock Bakery could easily make this list. These guys are absolute masters at creating diet ditching delights. But this time we’re going to give the Milk Bar a shout out. You can’t go past the Coco Pops with Coco Pop flavoured milk, Nutella and a thin chocolate disk that you crack through before diving in. And while you’re at it, you might as well give the S’Mores and Doughnut (complete with a fresh Bot on top!) shakes a taste.

Heven-yah Gelato | Salted Caramel Gelato 

Mermaid Beach

No matter the weather or season we’re always keen for a scoop or three of ice-cream. And the gang at Mermaid Beach’s Heven-yah are producing seriously addictive delights. Aside from being the most charming Gold Coast gelateria we’ve ever laid eyes on it’s also the only venue on the Coast using a traditional Pozzetti refrigeration system, with built-in tubs, imported direct from Italy. The team have spent years mastering dozens of drool-worthy flavours from classic chocolate or, for vegans, the chocolate almond (made with almond milk), to the popular salted caramel, hazelnut or orange and poppy seed.

Bazaar | Dessert Buffet

Surfer’s Paradise 

We don’t know about you, but when we eat dessert we love when the options go overboard with a ridiculous amount of choices. What better place to find this than at a buffet. Or to be more specific, what better buffet than Bazaar at the effortlessly cool hotel, QT Gold Coast. Some of the best desserts on the Gold Coast can be found in the interactive marketplace and include a dizzying array of the sweetest little tarts, cakes, puddings, and macarons. There’s also an ice cream mix-in station to make you feel like a kid in a candy store who gets to add that candy to ice cream.


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