6 ways to make your home look luxe for less
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If you’re looking to amp-up your home aesthetic, you don’t have to spend a bomb.

Changing the overall style of a space can be done effectively on a budget.

The key is knowing your style. Then, it’s all about working out how you can incorporate it into your space without breaking the bank.

We asked Adore Home magazine editor Loni Parker for her best advice.

1. Decide on a style

What is your personal style?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, start by imagining what your dream home looks like.

From there, head to Instagram or Pinterest and start collating the images that reflect this vision. Then refine.

Pinterest is a great place to get style inspiration.

“From there you’ll start to notice a pattern of what style you gravitate towards.

“Interior magazines are an excellent source of inspiration too. Don’t be afraid to cut out the pages. It’s a good idea to then lay out all the pages on a table or on the floor and pull inspiration from there.”

Think big before having the budget talk. Even if you can’t afford a designer room, you may realise you enjoy certain colours, style eras or fabrics that you can ultimately incorporate into your home.

2. Pick a colour palette

When it comes to choosing finishes, fabrics, flooring and paint, pull together a colour palette to guide your decision making.

Bright pops of colour will help bring a room to life and add a luxe feel.

While you’re free to use as much or as little colour as you like, sticking to a sophisticated and complementary palette may elevate your room to look that bit more “luxe”.

“A strong colour palette throughout the home can help to keep it feeling consistent,” Loni says. “I’d recommend going neutral for most pieces and selecting one or two accent colours in smaller items – like cushions or throws – to help the spaces from feeling flat. Go with a colour you love – after all, it is your home.”

3. Invest in flooring

These days, there are plenty of inexpensive flooring options that still look like – and actually are – high quality. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve a desired look or feel.

Carpet Court has a range of Hybrid flooring that looks like timber, but can save you on time and installation costs. It also comes with other long-term benefits that hardwood floors lack.

“[Hybrid flooring] is designed to take the best features of laminate in terms of scratch resistance and the advantages of vinyl in terms of water resistance, but with the look of timber,” Brett Talbot, Carpet Court’s National Merchandise Manager for Carpet and Hard Flooring says.

“If the home tends to be quite dark, our customers will usually select a lighter floor to make the space look lighter and larger,” Brett adds.

“Alternatively, if you have kids or pets in the home, light coloured floors tend to show up marks, so sometimes people will select a slightly darker colour to assist with their home and lifestyle requirements.”

Just remember: always take home a swatch and look at it in various lights before making your decision.

4. Add plants

House plants are currently very on trend — and for good reason. Not only are they beneficial for purifying your air, but they also add a spot of colour and interest to every space.

Green complements almost every colour. Add some plants for an exciting contrast in every room.

“I love house plants; in fact, I have one in almost every single room of my own house,” Loni says.

“[Plants] look great on open shelving in a beautiful hand-crafted pot. Or you can go big with one large tree in a beautiful large-scale pot to give your space some serious drama.

“Just make sure you’re selecting a plant that’s suitable for indoors. Devil’s Ivy likes low-light situations, so it’s ideal for bathrooms and spaces that don’t get much sunlight. Rubber tree plants look great indoors too and can handle filtered light.”

If in doubt, consult your local plant nursery. You’re sure to find something that will add a bit of contemporary class at an affordable cost.

5. Accessorise

With ‘expensive-looking’ homes, the key is really in the details. Sometimes, no amount of money will compensate for attention to fine detail.

“Cushions and throws are an affordable accent to help liven up the living room or bedroom,” Loni explains.

“Fresh flowers or foliage also elevate the look of a space.”

Finally, consider playing with different ‘levels’ across your space. Instead of having a clump of knick knacks on your coffee table, you could hang statement lighting from your ceiling, play with wall art or invest in large plants to move the eye upwards and around the room.

6. Trawl marketplaces for bargains

The best way to get expensive items for less is to buy them second hand. It also helps reduce waste, which is an added bonus!

However, buying second hand is not always a surefire bargain bonanza. Finding the perfect luxe addition to your home will probably take patience, negotiation and, usually, a little bit of luck.

“Don’t shy away from op-shops,” Loni adds. “Sometimes you’ll find some great vintage finds for an absolute steal. Plus, no one is likely to have the same item.”


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