5 mistakes to avoid when designing your dream home
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When you are designing your home, how do you make the best possible use of the space?

Even if you are building your first home and have a budget to stick to, the right design can make your place feel light and bright and somewhere you simply love to be.

So, what are the common mistakes to avoid when designing your dream home?


The right design will make the most of the space and natural light. Picture: Burbank’s Garner 317 home design, on display at the Elements Estate, Truganina, VIC.

1. Poor planning

From the beginning, think about how you are going to use each space and imagine how you will furnish each room.

“The potential furniture placement drives the way a space will be used and the way you’ll move around within it,” says Damjan Jeremic, Head of Research and Design at Burbank.

In living spaces like a family room, think about where you’ll put the big screen TV, where you’ll sit to watch it and how that works with doors and foot traffic. It is also important to think about the type of storage you need in each space, too.


Think about where you’ll put the furniture and how that works with foot traffic. Picture: Burbank’s Moreley 394 home design, on display at Marriot Waters Estate, Lyndhurst, VIC.

2. The wrong floor plan

Next, you need to think about the actual floor plan and where each room will be placed within the home. Do you want living zones at the front? Where will your bedrooms be? If you have a growing family, think about where you might put a rumpus room so the kids can make noise without bothering everyone else.

“The proximity of one space to another and their relationship can make or break the flow of a design,” says Jeremic.

Practically, it’s a good idea to place the kids’ bedrooms near the bathroom and toilet.

“And a family with children may find two completely separate living areas much better suited to their situation,” says Jeremic.


Think about living zones and how they’ll work with your lifestyle. Picture: Burbank’s Marsden 283 home design, on display at Lucas Estate, Ballarat, VIC.

3. Under utilising rooms

Do you really need a games room or a sewing room? A home gym sounds like a great idea but how often will you use it? And you’ve seen pictures of a music room in a magazine and it looked fantastic – but how many spare hours in the day do you have to play the piano?

“See the room for its space rather than its name on the floor plan, it’s your home and you can customise it into whatever room you and your family wish,” says Jeremic.

You might think you need a four-bedroom-plus-study home but think how much time you will actually spend in that study. Maybe it would make more sense to choose a home design without a dedicated home office/study and then use the fourth bedroom as a study space instead.

“This may give families more space in other living rooms, or give them a bigger backyard,” says Jeremic.

4. Not choosing the right fixtures and fittings

Fixtures and fittings set the style and tone of your home. They’re the finishing touches that create ambience – things like a carefully placed feature wall or choosing carpet versus tiles.


Work out a colour scheme that complements your taste, and stick to it. Picture: Burbank’s Andre 344 home design, on display at Upper Point Cook Estate, Point Cook, VIC.

Burbank’s interior designers recommend working out a style or colour scheme that suits your tastes and then sticking with it.

“One of the pitfalls is mixing up everything that catches your eye without seeing the scheme as a whole,” says Jeremic.

Visit display homes, get inspired by Pinterest and Instagram and find the colours and style that appeal.

5. A lack of lighting

A home needs plenty of both natural and artificial light. Talk to the experts who are building your home and consider where the windows are and how they affect the light at certain times of the day.

Think about the size of windows and their placement – ideally have plenty of northern and eastern light, which can help boost your home’s energy efficiency, too.

And sunlight gives a home that uplifting, feel-good factor, so the more you can bring into your dream home the better.

Burbank’s experts include new home consultants that can walk through 75+ home designs and thousands of floor plan options so you can tailor your home, just for you.


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