5 housewarming gift ideas
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Here’s some gift ideas for the new owner or tenant in your life. If you know someone moving into a new place, why not get them a gift that commemorates their big new adventure.

Here are five fun and useful ideas.

Handy hamper

If your new homeowners have taken on a fixer upper, create a renovation hamper with a bucket and array of helpful tools – paintbrushes, dust masks, nails, sockets and whatever else they might need.

You can nest them all in a rag or material for cleaning, and finish it off with a bow or card.

If you’ve thought about what your new owners needs (and doesn’t already have), they’ll love it.

Put a different spin on it by creating a safety hamper, with a smoke alarm and first aid kit. If the recipient is a first time renter, or out on their own for the first time, they mightn’t have thought about safety essentials, and you can help ease the burden in a light hearted way.

Edible plants

Plants are a popular gift for a newly arrived resident, but unless the owner is a green thumb, they might languish (especially during the chaos of moving in).

Instead, try a potted herb that will add yummy flavour in the kitchen.Mint, thyme and oregano look lovely, last long and taste great.

They can add a classy touch to a new kitchen and help out the newly moved with dinner (one less thing to buy, and they can make just about anything taste terrific).

Welcome mat

The days of boring old straw door mats are long gone, but the tradition lives on.

These days welcome mats are as much a style statement as a waystation.

Pet lover, geek, fashionista, family – there’s a mat for everyone, and they’re a fun, practical gift for the newly homed or renting.

Etsy is a great place to discover one of a kind mats, while Chiasso and Ikea are two of many companies selling stylish and modern takes on the door mat.

IOU cards

When we move into a new place, we often call in favours.

Whether it’s helping us move or unpack, minding the kids, organising dinner while we set the kitchen up, or just being there for moral support, we lean on our friends, family and connections to help make the experience less unnerving.

Handmake or buy some unique, artistic IOU cards for your new resident to give help them a simple way to acknowledge the help of others before they’re able to repay the favour.

House history

If the property your giftee has bought is an older one, or if they love the romance of the past, have a professional historian or local area expert research and create a history of the house just for them.

Like a family tree of the home, you can present them with a scroll, frame or album that charts the stories of the place they’ve now purchased.

You might even like to try it yourself, using resources like the National Library of Australia.

Other presents always welcome include gift cards or vouchers for restaurants, services or pampering that can give a new home owner a break during a stressful time; and stamps or labels personalised with their new signature address.


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