5 experts that first home builders should get to know
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You need a team behind you to help turn your dream of building your first home into a reality.

From working out how much you can afford and finding the best home loan, to navigating the sales process and ensuring your home is built on time and on budget, there’s many boxes to tick. Building your first home can be a simpler, more streamlined experience if you gather an expert team around you.

Picture: Porter Davis' Lamont home on display in Clyde North. 

You need a strong team behind you to build your first home. Picture: Porter Davis’ Lamont home on display in Clyde North.

“You wouldn’t buy a yacht tomorrow and attempt a solo sail to Europe without any prior knowledge of sailing. It’s the same kind of mentality for building a house,” says Shaun Patterson, general manager of sales and marketing at Porter Davis.

“It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are, with the right support system you can achieve what might seem beyond your capabilities.”

And if you choose to build with an established company then you will have a variety of experts at your fingertips whenever you need them.

“There’s no way to become an expert on everything, so having a team with all the answers will save your sanity and help you make more informed decisions,” says Patterson.

So, who should you have on your side from the start?

1. Mortgage broker

Your mortgage broker is the middle person between you and your chosen bank or lender. They will help you assess your finances and organise your pre-approval.

They’ll also help you coordinate any necessary documentation and advise you on the best mortgage products for your financial situation.

Picture: Porter Davis’ Pembroke home on display in Officer South

Your mortgage broker will help you with your finances. Picture: Porter Davis’ Pembroke home on display in Officer South

“One of the biggest benefits of working with a mortgage broker is that they’ll do your ‘rate shopping’ and they have great working relationships with lenders but they are 100 per cent in your court,” says Patterson.

And while they are focused on organising your loan, you are free to focus on the more exciting parts of building your first home.

2. New home consultants

A New Home Consultant can help you choose the home that is right for you, your lifestyle, your block and your budget. They have a high level of product knowledge so are a great resource when it comes to narrowing down your home choice.

“On top of providing tailored guidance, your Consultant will review your chosen design and inclusions, complete any preliminary siting and provide an initial quote. At this point they require a deposit to order soil test surveys and will begin to discuss floor plan options and upgrades,” says Patterson.

“In short, their main responsibility is to present a proposal of your desired build to the operations team for sign off, getting you approved and ready to build.”

Picture: Porter Davis’ Pembroke home on display in Officer South

New home consultants will help you find the best design for your block. Picture: Porter Davis’ Pembroke home on display in Officer South

3. Dedicated building coordinator

Major home building companies like Porter Davis arrange a designated building coordinator who is the main point of contact from the post-sales point to the start of construction. They filter any enquiries you have to the team.

“Their goal is to get you on-site, on time,” says Patterson.

“They simplify the build process for first home buyers by providing you with one consistent point of contact and get you answers in a fast and reliable manner.”

4. Construction supervisor

Once building gets under way, your construction site supervisor manages the rest of the process all the way through to the handover of your new home.

“They are in charge of the build site, work with architects, project planners, estimators and administration staff to ensure all requirements are met,” says Patterson.

“They keep everything moving forward and, during each stage, your supervisor can organise an on-site meeting with you.”

Importantly, they also ensure your home construction passes all quality inspections.

Picture: Porter Davis' Regal home design

You want your dream home to reflect who you are. Picture: Porter Davis’ Regal home design

5. Interior designer

Your home’s style should reflect who you are but a little professional help can add some extra touches.

Porter Davis’ World of Style showroom has qualified interior designers who can help you mix your preferred finishes, choose the right tiles, paint and carpet and work out how your vision can match your budget.

“Following the specs from one of our display homes is a great place to start as they’ve been carefully executed by our senior designers,” says Patterson.

“Display homes are the best source of initial inspiration.”


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