11 Of The Gold Coast’s Best Pilates Studios
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If you’re looking for the one of best total body workouts, then it’s time to get familiar with pilates. From mat to machine, there is a plethora of different classes to choose from on the Gold Coast that will see you sweat, strengthen and tone your bod.

Grab your activewear and feel the burn, these are the best pilates studios on the Gold Coast.

Studio Pilates 

Palm Beach

If you’re looking for one of the best reformer pilates studios on the Gold Coast, then Studio Pilates is it. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, the friendly instructors will make sure you feel the burn and master your skills. The luxe studio (there’s a chandelier in there) is equipped with innovative video technology that will play the day’s workout so you can follow along while your instructor will adjust your technique along the way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sweat sesh. Plus, the banging playlist will give you that extra boost to dig deep. With over 50 classes per week (they start from 5am), you can try the studio out with an awesome introduction offer of six classes for just $60. Check them out here.

Pilates & Co.

Burleigh, Bundall 

Pilates & Co. have two chic studios for you to check out, offering a range of classes including beginner, intermediate and reformer to HIIT, clinical pilates and at home workouts—so you’ll never get bored here. Precision is a huge focus at Pilates and Co., and because of this, your workout ensures you stay incredibly mindful as you concentrate on aligning your posture, lifting your pelvic floor, lengthening your limbs and the timing of your breath. Prefer to work alone? You can also book in a solo class to really hone your skills. Check them out here.

KX Pilates


Kaizen Experience, or KX is Japanese for ‘change for the better’ therefore making the KX Pilates movement a philosophy that focuses on small and ongoing improvement in our lives. The studio in Miami is an ultra-modern space and along with incredibly friendly instructors, it truly sets you up for a great workout experience. The reformer pilates studio offers fast-paced, high intensity 50-minute workouts, combining both the machine and hand weights to really make you sweat. There are classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced so you can choose your challenge. For more deets, head here.

The Pilates Pad

Nobby Beach 

The Pilates Pad has only six reformers, creating an intimate setting where each session is tailored to your request with the instructors focused on helping each individual achieve their goals from injury rehabilitation, to increasing strength and stability, staying active during a pregnancy or just for overall body tone. This tight-knit crew also offers some pretty cool classes like Pilates & Pinot—yes, we’re talking wine with your workout. Get started with their intro offer of five classes for $55. Check them out here.

The Body Method

Tugun & Cornerstone Stores

The Body Method’s Tugun and Cornerstone digs are a dreamy, light-soaked retreat, with uber chic blonde timber reformer carriages that you melt into—which really contribute to the relaxing and luxurious vibe of this place. Offering mat pilates, solo classes, barre pilates and mod fit (high intensity pilates to upbeat music) you’ll never get bored of your workout again. The Tugun studio also offers exercise physiology, holistic chiropractic, and esoteric healing, so it’s really a one-stop wellness centre. Head here for all the deets.

Soul Centre


Soul Centre is a beautiful boutique studio where the instructors aim to empower you through physical and mental fitness. This studio offers classic pilates (low impact, but high energy exercise) and pilates burn (combining the aspects of strength training and core pilates to create a heart pumping workout). They have a special intro offer of five classes for $50 so go and check them out. If you’re on the hunt for one of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast, you’ve found it! All the deest are here.



If you’re looking for something a little different, then get yourself along to a class at STRONG. Over 45 minutes you’ll take part in pilates-inspired resistance training with a side of rowing. Discovering muscles you never even knew you had, there’s different classes each day, so you’ll never get bored.The ultra modern studio is home to 20 rowformer beds and lots of added luxuries like cold Eucalyptus-soaked towels post-workout, and a dedicated mobility section for your pre and post rehab needs. Check it out here.

Ritual Yoga & Pilates

Palm Beach

Offering 100 classes per week (both online and in studio), there is always availability to suit your schedule at Ritual. Choose from traditional mat style pilates or reformer, and your practice will be on point in no time. If you’re a parent in need of a class and some “you” time, the studio also offers free childminding with certain classes—totally free. One sesh here will definitely spark a pilates passion you never knew you had. Check out their extensive list of classes (including mediation and yoga) here.

The Wellness Boutique


With a mission to normalise changes, honour every single body, and celebrate all that it is capable of, The Wellness Boutique is a womens-only pilates studio with a difference. The dreamy space is a safe haven, offering a full range of women’s health services, including reformer pilates (as well as pregnancy and post-natal pilates), physiotherapy, massage and nutrition to support women’s wellbeing. With a group of talented instructors, at The Wellness Boutique it’s all about putting you and your health first. Check them out here.

Recover Wellbeing


A combination of a holistic health and pilates studio, Recover Wellbeing offers a tranquil space to align your body and mind. From intimate classes to private one-on-one sessions tailored to your individual needs, as well as a general mat style class, there’s a class for whatever your fitness level. This is one of the best Pilates studios on the Gold Coast if you want to improve your wellbeing, increase the length and strength of your muscles, stabilise your joints as well as assist with balance, rehabilitation or performance. Check them out here.

Essence of Living

Mermaid Beach 

If you want a deeper holistic and wellbeing experience, then Essence of Living just might be your new love affair. Specialising in yoga, pilates (mat and burn) and barre, this studio will have you strong and toned in no time. As well as offering regular pilates challenges, there are also sound baths and meditation workshops that you can try out to align your mind, body and soul. Get all the deets on the studio here.


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