10 ways to get the kids into nature these holidays
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Swap screen time for green time these school holidays with a range of nature-based activities including guided bushwalks, wildlife shows, and coastal education workshops on offer.

We’ve rounded up 10 nature-based activities that are bound to have your little ones forgetting all about smartphone games and iPad screens. For the City’s full Naturally GC holiday program click here.

1. Wildlife encounters

Get ready Gold Coast, because your curiosity about the natural world is about to come alive when you come face to face with some of Australia’s most stunning wildlife. Wildlife encounters are suitable for children of all ages, and can feature animals including snakes, possums, turtles, lizards, crocodiles, owls and flying foxes.

2. Animal Treasures

 How brave are you? Slide your hand into our animal sensory boxes and discover the animal treasures hiding inside! Will it be furry, slimy or scaley? Maybe rough and bumpy, or soft and silky? Can you work out what is inside without seeing it first? Take your senses on a wild adventure before meeting a real-life animal for a meet and greet. Finally, enjoy story time with our Koala Keeper and author of “Have you Seen a Tree for Me”, Sarah Eccelston.

3. Waterbug Detectives

Come meet and greet some of the amazing bugs that live in our waterways. Learn all about their habitats and life cycles, as well as how to identify them and the important role they play in our waterway health.

4. Busy Little Bees

Examine photos and diagrams of bees to better understand bee lifecycles and their nests, and their important role in pollination and food security. You will also get to see preserved bee specimens, and live stingless bee hives with viewing windows.

5. Our Beaches kids learn to surf session

Learn about how the Gold Coast coastline is managed and gain an important understanding of surf safety and etiquette, before hitting the waves in the best learn to surf location on the coast.



6. Our Beaches kids yoga and beach clean

Come and join Jala Yoga and enjoy a ‘kid focussed’ yoga session by the beach. Learn how to channel your inner downward dog or stretch like a cat. The morning is completed with a beach clean and chat about pollution; specifically how you can help to keep our incredible coastal environment free of single use plastics and rubbish.

7. Animal Yoga

Downward dog like a dingo, sun salutation like a snake, or bend into a ball like a beetle – stretch and relax with these animal inspired yoga positions to help centre the mind, body and soul. Once you are feeling zen, put your sense to the test with our blind playdoh craft, using what you see in your mind, not what you see in front of you, to create craft. Finally enjoy a meet and greet with one of our favourite Australian animal friends.

8. Reptile scales and tails

Your curiosity about all things scaly and cold-blooded will come alive as you come face-to-face with some of our native reptiles. Pat a snake, lizard, turtle, frog and even a fresh water and salt water crocodile. Learn how they use their amazing traits to get food, and how not to become their food!

9. Become a vet

Ever wanted to know what its like to be a Wildlife Vet? Examine bloods under the microscope, check out x-rays to see what’s wrong with the patient, complete case studies to advise treatment and become a poo expert in our Whose poo is whose? game. Participants have the opportunity for a meet and greet with an animal at the end of the session.

10. Junior Wildlife Carers

Discover how to encourage wildlife in your own garden. Learn about biodiversity and how easy it can be to share your home with many different species, what types of homes they need, and how can you provide this in your garden. Join in with some nature journaling, help to colour in rescue pouches and take part in some animal craft.



Reference:- https://www.wearegoldcoast.com.au/


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