10 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
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While downsizing may mean living a more simplified life, the actual process of moving to a smaller home is anything but simple. In fact, it often involves a good deal of preparation. From deciding what to bring and what to toss to planning out the actual move itself, downsizing to a smaller home comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, storage doesn’t have to be one of them. Despite having less square footage to work with, there are still plenty of storage solutions for small spaces that you can try when downsizing. Here are 10 easy tips for storing your belongings when moving to a smaller home.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Wall racks behind doors

From your pantries and closets to your bedrooms and bathrooms, if you’re living in a tight space you’ll need to make extra room by adding behind-the-door storage. Installing hanging wall racks behind doors will prevent clutter in your closets, pantries and drawers. Not to mention, it will make it much easier to find your spices, cleaning supplies and sauces when you need them. Many hanging wall racks even come with adjustable shelves, which you can add and remove as needed. You can find an example of a behind the door wall rack here.

Shelving above toilets

Nothing’s worse than a tiny bathroom overrun with towels on the floor and toiletries under the vanity. To keep your bathroom and powder rooms clutter-free, we suggest adding shelving above the toilets. If you’re renting and unable to install free-floating shelves on the walls, try using a stand-alone shelf unit that fits over the toilet. This extra storage frees up floor space in the bathroom, as well as shelf space inside your vanity. You can find an example of shelving here and stand-alone shelving here.

Storage beds

Don’t waste precious bedroom space with armoires and dressers. Instead, opt for a storage bed when downsizing to smaller rooms. Storage beds typically come with four or more drawers underneath (and attached) to the bedframe. This allows residents to store clothes and necessities under the bed instead of inside a bulky, space-hogging chest of drawers. You can find an example of a storage bed here.


Need to get organized? One word for you: hooks! Inexpensive, easy to install and extremely helpful, hooks are one of the best storage solutions for small spaces. We recommend installing them in your entryway, laundry room, mudroom, bathroom, garage, closets and pantries. Examples of belongings you can hang on hooks include clothes, towels, brooms, umbrellas, hats, and dog leashes – among many others. You can find an example of easy to install hooks here.

Bins and baskets

Storing belongings inside bins and baskets is one of the most affordable and most aesthetically pleasing ways to save space when downsizing. They can be placed almost anywhere, including entryways, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms and pantries. Decorative bins and baskets are easy to come by and help make the home both stylish and organized. When using bins or baskets, we recommend adding labels to them as well. You can find an example of bins and baskets here.

Ottomans that double as storage bins

When decorating your living room and TV room, be sure to choose an ottoman that also doubles as a storage bin. This could be a bench or trunk with a lid, or a pouf ottoman that includes storage space inside. These types of ottomans will provide extra storage for your blankets, baby toys, extra pillows and anything else you wish to put away in your living space. You can find an example of an ottoman that doubles as storage here.

Hanging bike racks

If you own a bike, then you know that they take up quite a bit of room. To save space, we recommend going vertical with your bicycle. Whether you store your bike inside the home or in the garage, you’ll benefit from using a hanging bike rack to hold your bicycle upright. From simple wall mounts to free standing bike racks, there are plenty of ways to hang the bike rack in your home and consequently, open up floor space for other items. You can find an example of a simple hanging bike rack here.

Drawer organizers

One easy way to help contain the mess in your various drawers is to simply add drawer organizers. These will save you space by allowing you to more easily and efficiently store everything from makeup and toiletries to office supplies and kitchen utensils inside your drawers. These organizational trays can be used in kitchens, pantries, bathroom vanities and desks. You can find an example of a drawer organizer here.

Stackable toy storage

From stackable storage cubbies to modular bins, purchasing a vertical toy organizer for the kids’ playroom will help tremendously when downsizing. Not only do stackable toy organizers save floor space in your home, but they also make for easy clean up. Stackable toy organizers typically come in different sections, making it easy to add or take away cubbies as needed. You can find an example of stackable toy storage here. 

Wall mounted utility holders

Instead of tossing your pantry or garage items on the floor, try hanging them on a wall mounted utility holder. These handy storage racks can be attached to your walls to hold and store everything from brooms and mops to dust pans and shovels. They are typically used in closets, pantries, mudrooms, garages and outdoor spaces. You can find an example of wall mounted utility holders here.


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